Islamic Wisdom

The principle of causality is one of the primary propositions known to people in their ordinary lives. This principle states that 'everything has a cause'. It's one of the necessary rational principles; a human being finds at the heart of his nature a motive that makes him attempt to explain the things he encounters, and to justify the existence of such things by disclosing their causes. This motive is inborn in human nature (and it may also be present in a number of animals; they instinctively pay attention to the source of a motion in order to know its cause, and they also search for the source of a sound, again in order to know its cause).

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 If we want to make a balanced comparison between Islamic and other views in the field of polity and form of government we should make a review of the important issues in the philosophy of politics, and on every issue find out what is the view of Islam, comparing it with the other views. We must make a detailed investigation of the basic differences between them. Very briefly, we will now mention some issues and explain the views of Islam pertaining to them in order that it may be possible to make a comparison.

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Islam guides us in every facet of our life. It leads us towards forming a perfect society where everyone must know and respect other’s rights. Islam also recognizes that the path towards perfection is not without spiritual roadblocks.

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One may define patience as resistance offered by man on the road towards perfection against the forces of mischief, corruption and degradation. Now let us recognize the fields of patience, where its practice is most crucial. Of course, we would like to examine the domain of patience, in accordance with the texts of Islamic narrations and the Holy Qur’an, where, practicing patience has been promised with plenty of rewards in this world as well as in the Hereafter.

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